Leverage, Markets, and False "Diversification"

Warren Buffett, in his book "On Business," said that most investors are like Cinderella at the ball. All dancing in a room in which the clock has no hands

A One-Page Financial Plan

Today's typical "financial planning" advice focuses too much on chasing rates of return and greatly lacks liquidity and and any form of guarantees

The "Boxy But Good" of Finance

Many people are in very weak cash positions because of their tunnel-vision on getting a high rate of return. We should be more like this ad from "Crazy People."

12 Things I've Learned from Real Clients

Most financial decisions are the result of learned behaviors. And most of the behaviors we are taught today are counter to what we inherently know is right.

Webinar: Investing in Commercial Real Estate through Life Insurance

Hosted by Excelsior Capital, we discuss the use of life insurance to accumulate capital for the purpose of buying commercial real estate assets

The "4% Rule" is Now the "2% Rule"

Dr. Wade Pfau, professor of retirement income, American College of Financial Services: Retirement income distribution rates have gone from 4% to 2%

How Much Life Insurance Should You Have?

Learn the simple math behind two methods of calculating the correct amount of life insurance. "Human Life Value" and "Capital Needs Analysis"

The Yield Curve and Recession

Download the report discussing the inverted yield curve and it's use in "predicting" imminent recession.

Social Security Report Bombshell

Total cost set to exceed total income by 2020 and all later years

Questions to Ask AFTER Applying for Life Insurance

Important questions and decisions when applying for whole life insurance, regarding cash value, death benefit, waivers, and options.

Questions to Ask BEFORE Applying for Life Insurance

Nobody wants “buyer’s remorse” when it comes to something as important as life insurance. Here are some questions to consider early in the process

"Risk Profiles" - Don't be Fooled

Half-truths, limitations, and misunderstandings around "risk profile" and "acceptable loss" assessments in typical financial planning

Are Bonds Still Safe?

Bonds aren’t what they used to be. Values are declining, risk is up, bond funds are underperforming, and muni bonds are no longer the safe haven they once were.

6 Strategies for More Income in Retirement

One of the biggest fears people have is running out of money in retirement. And for many Americans, this is a very real risk, not an irrational phobia.

Leaving Stock Option Money on the Table

Startup Employee Series (Part 3 of 3). Planning ahead will allow you to capture as much upside potential as possible on your employee stock options.

Stock Options are NOT a Bonus

Startup Employee Series (Part 2 of 3). Most people look at employee stock options as a “bonus”, but it's not. At least not in the way many people think.

Triple-Pain for Startup Employees in Down Markets

Startup Employee Series (Part 1 of 3). Stock options give startup employees an ownership stake for the hard work they put in. But what is often overlooked are the tradeoffs for that ownership.

Babies and Bathwater: Liquidate Your 401(k)?

As investors educate themselves about typical financial advice, many begin to realize that 401(k)s might not be the solution they hoped it would be.

The Value of Cash Liquidity

Do you have access to cash on demand? Or are you locking up your assets? The answer may be influencing your prosperity more than you realize.