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We have been taught to use money in ways that require us to assume all the risk and hand over control (and use) of our money to the financial institutions for decades.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Our team of experienced financial consultants will show you private wealth-building strategies that put you in control and always protect your principal.

A Stacked Life is a safer, wealthier, and more fulfilled life! By strategically stacking your assets in a way that allows every dollar to do the job of two, three or more dollars, you can live and enjoy your life now, knowing you will reach your maximum financial potential - no matter what happens.

Who we help

Whether you're an individual or a corporation, we have strategies to help make what you're already doing even better.


We help you grow, protect, and preserve your wealth with guaranteed, private wealth strategies. Your prosperity is our priority, and we strive to help you plan for all aspects of financial success.

Business Owners

Learn about cash flow, tax, and enterprise risk strategies that allow you to slash debt payments and reduce taxes - giving you the capital you need to grow.

Real Estate Investors

You can benefit from cash strategies for investors to increase real estate returns and use the tax code to reduce long-term mortgage debt.

What's Our Process?

Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to determine how a private wealth strategy might benefit you. There is no obligation and can be held over the phone or web.

Financials & Underwriting

A great strategy requires great information. We'll review a detailed financial questionnaire to understand your current finances and goals.

Strategy & Design

We will show you a personalized private wealth strategy that improves the three key modes of your financial life: Protection, Savings, and Growth.

Implement & Fund

You receive a blueprint based on the path designed for you, as well as the ongoing education you need for the operations and maintenance of your strategy.

"I couldn’t have asked for a better insurance advisor than John! He has proven tremendously knowledgeable in his craft. I learn something new every time we talk."

—Ian C., Engineer and Real Estate Investor - San Jose, CA