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"I couldn’t have asked for a better insurance advisor than John! He has proven tremendously knowledgeable in his craft. I learn something new every time we talk."

- Ian C.
Engineer & Real Estate Investor - San Jose, CA

100% 5/5 ratings on Google

“John has been the most important resource on my Infinite Banking journey. He’s part of my family’s advisory council now – just like our accountant, lawyer, and doctor."

- Andrew
Owner, Technology Consulting - Alameda, CA

100% 5/5 ratings on Google

“John helped us find a way to accumulate wealth without giving up the liquidity we need when an investment opportunity arises."

- Stacey
Business owner and real estate investor, NYC

100% 5/5 ratings on Google

Reach your maximum financial potential with certainty

Authorized Infinite Banking Concept® (IBC)

Become your own banker. IBC is strategic capital accumulation that allows you to take over the banking function for the purpose of financing your large purchases and investments.

Infinite Banking makes it possible to redirect the flow of money and interest away from the financial institutions and back into your own financial system.

Whole Life Insurance

Dividend-paying, cash value whole life insurance is the optimal platform for Infinite Banking.

The guaranteed, fully-backed policy loan provision allows for safe leverage, giving every dollar in your system the ability to do more than one job at a time.

Business owners, investors, and high net worth clients experience even more benefits with significant tax savings and premium finance strategies.

Private Commercial Lending

Our private commercial lending group offers fully-backed private lending opportunities that have minimum interest guarantees and always protect your principal. The perfect complement to Infinite Banking®

Deferred Sales Trust™

Defer capital gains tax on highly-appreciated assets, including stock, crypto, real estate, and businesses. An excellent solution to preserve value, dissolve partnerships, and maximize income from the sale of assets.

One Strategy for life

All of the components above work together to create a complete, privatized system of wealth and income with guarantees, liquidity, control, and tax efficiency for all modes of your financial life:

Protection ➡ Savings ➡ Growth ➡ Distribution ➡ Legacy

John D. Perrings, Managing Director
StackedLife and Tayo Ventures

My focus is to help you take advantage of change rather than react to it

I started StackedLife after a 20-year career in Silicon Valley tech startups and data center real estate, finance, and construction.

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, my mission is to teach people how to strategically accumulate and deploy capital in a way that makes all of their other financial activities perform even better, with less risk.

Work with me to learn about the financial strategies that put you in control and always protect your principal. Live and enjoy your life now, knowing you will reach your maximum financial potential - no matter what happens.

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A detailed review of your current financials to determine your starting point and then discover where you'd like to go in the future.

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A personalized strategy that improves the five key modes of your financial life: Protection, Savings, Growth, Distribution, and Legacy.

Implement &

You receive a fact-based map as well as the ongoing education you need for the operations and maintenance of your strategy.

"John is the best! He helped me setup my first IBC whole life policy and I could not have been more pleased with the process. Throughout the process he helped to educate me, provide recommendations based on my situation, and ultimately help me decide on a policy/strategy that was best for me. I am very grateful to have John in my corner!

—Ian K., IT Manager and Real Estate Investor - Minneapolis, MN

100% 5/5 ratings on Google