We'll prove to you, using math and plain English, how we can help you create, grow, and protect your money.

A "Stacked Life" is a more fulfilled life!

Infinite Banking®: By strategically "stacking" your assets in a way that allows every dollar to do the job of $2 or $3, you can reach your maximum financial potential, with certainty, no matter what happens.

We deal in facts, not sales-hype and opinion

Using real numbers and guarantees, not probabilities and statistics, we'll prove how it is possible to have more growth, with more control and less risk in your financial life.

Experts in Whole Life Insurance

We are experts in designing cash value whole life insurance policies, as recommended by the Nelson Nash Institute for the implementation of the Infinite Banking Concept®.

More money now

Typical "financial planning" advice teaches us to give up control and use of our money in the name of getting a "high rate of return." We lock our money away for 20, 30, 40 years for only the hope that it grows to what we need by the time we need it.

We have been taught that it's ok to provide 100% of the capital and take 100% of the risk ...for only 10% of the return.

Instead, by focusing on control, ownership, and strategic leverage, we can create multiple rates of return and multiple cash flows, without all the risk.

A team of experts focused on you

When was the last time you had your financial advisor, CPA, attorney, mortgage broker, and insurance agents sitting around the same table and coordinating a strategy just for you? Our team of specialists will do just that and make sure all the components of your financial life are coordinated.

Partners based on trust

More important than asset allocation and rate of return is trust. Everything we do at StackedLife is based on contractual guarantees. We will show you safe, private strategies to create more wealth, income, and peace of mind.

In it for the long run

Ongoing education is at the center of how we operate. Once you become a client, we're only a phone call away, and all clients get free access to our growing online course and library.

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